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With good food and a wide selection of exclusive wines, TWGF is a cozy venue perfect for you and your friends to gather at.

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TWGF is Your Best Bet on Wine.

TWGF is a warm and cosy space designated for you and your friends to come over and enjoy Asian tapas, with a great selection of quality wines to boost.

A Wine & Pork Specialist, TWGF has a walk-in wine cellar that holds over 300 different types of wine from over 20 different countries that are specially curated and many of which are exclusive to TWGF. You will be sure to find the right wine to go with your meal! As pork specialists, our Chefs put in a tremendous amount of effort and time into research and development to come up with exceptional pork dishes for you. They pride themselves in introducing dishes of different pork cuts every month, some being the pork collar, ribs, pork belly and knuckle. The pork used are of premium quality and are free of antibiotics and hormones to make true our commitment of serving only the best to our guests.

Beyond that, many of the dishes served at TWGF are skilful adaptations of dishes that our in-house Chefs Wilson and Gus grew up with. Their competent combination of Asian and Western flavours and cooking techniques result in dishes that are both big on flavours and with twists that surprise the palate, yet recognisable from the first spoonful.

TWGF was opened by a group of friends who are passionate about bringing quality food and wine to customers at an affordable price and their years of F&B experience is testament to their undying drive and passion.

TWGF is also one of the only places in Singapore with not one, but THREE WSET (Wine & Spirits Education Trust) Level 3 certified staff! For those who are not aware, WSET is an industry leader that is recognised globally in providing qualifications with one of the highest international standard in wine and spirit knowledge.

If you are curious about wines but not sure where to start, our WSET certified staff will be more than happy to guide you in understanding the perfect wine to go with your meal! For the wine enthusiasts, come meet our team and share the knowledge, with the opportunity to attend FREE tasting sessions when you sign up as a TWGF member!

Gather your friends and come on down to TWGF and strengthen your bonds over good wine and food!

Opening hours
  • Mon - Sat:12pm - 11pm
  • Sun:Closed
48 Bukit Pasoh Road Singapore, 089859