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Customised Business to Business Services

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Personalised consultancy services with our WSET certified wine experts for your business needs

Besides our strong dedication to the food and wines we serve, The Wine & Gourmet Friends is also committed to provide consultancy services to fellow restaurants to fine tune their wine selections. We are proud to have 4 (and counting!) WSET certified staff who are passionate in sharing their expansive knowledge on wine. Rest assured that we will be there at every step of the way to advise and help you hand-select the wines you need to curate a fine collection for your restaurant.

Elevate your Corporate Events with a plethora of exclusive wines from TWGF

If you're looking for wines to complete your corporate events, you willbe pleased to know that we offer a great variety for you to choose from. Our wine cellar holds 350 fine wines from different parts of the world, at different price points, that can cater to any occasion and food that you need to pair with. Furthermore, be entitled to great savings with a 30% corporate discount when you make a minimum purchase of 300 bottles. Please contact us at sales@twgf.sg for more information, we look forward to meeting your wine needs!

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