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Project Heritage x Hawker

Project Heritage x Hawker is a project that brings together various multi-generation local F&B businesses as a way to showcase and preserve their time-honoured recipes for more generations to enjoy. We sincerely hope that through this project we can show more people how local food and wines from different parts of the world can actually transcend their cultural boundaries to complement each other in a perfect marriage.

You can thus look forward to the collaboration between TWGF and one of these long-established Singaporean F&B brands with at least 40 to 100 years of history! They will be specially gracing us with their signature dishes and we will in return, recommend and pair our exclusive wines with their creations.

Kueh Ho Jiak x TWGF
29 October 2019 (event over)

Our first ever collaboration on Project Heritage x Hawker will be with Kueh Ho Jiak, a brand who has gained popularity for...

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Tong Heng x TWGF
04 August 2019 (event over)

When we think of egg tarts with a rich history in Singapore, no doubt Tong Heng Confectionery comes to mind. Many of us...

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Old School Delights x TWGF
10 October 2019 (event over)

Known for using fresh ingredients and authentic preparation methods passed down from 30-year-old family recipes, you can expect a menu that will...

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